Laminate Floor

Our laminate wood flooring: Sophisticated look, resistant material When it comes to flooring, how it looks is only half the battle, as the laminate is still frequently exposed to mechanical stress on a daily basis. Furniture and other objects of various weights that are yet to have found a permanent home are put on it, walking boots tread over the surface countless times, and dirt can penetrate the structure. The result is subtle, but can be obvious and disruptive over time: scratches, dents and chippings must be replaced, which can prove costly. This is why our wood flooring is fitted with a scratch-resistant, robust protective film that protects laminate floors against mechanical damage. Depending on the version, it comes complete with the wear resistance category AC3/31, AC4/32 or even the highest robustness specification AC5/33 for areas that are subject to wear.
Laminate Floor
  • Laminate Floor
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